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Child Kidnapping Lawyer in Israel

Anat Levi

Anat Levi

This article provides information on how to choose a child kidnapping lawyer in Israel and what you should consider when choosing a lawyer who addresses child kidnapping cases.

Child kidnapping lawyer in Israel

Child Kidnapping from Israel

Often when we envision a child kidnapper, we think of a stranger taking a child.  However, what we most often see is that child kidnapping technically occurs when members of the family remove children from other parents who have legal custody.  This happens when a parent takes the children out of a country and/or keeps them in a foreign country without the consent of the other parent with custody. We often see this happen when a couple is separated or divorced, however, if this occurs, it is considered child kidnapping.

If your child or children have been taken from the country by your former or current spouse with whom you share custody, it is imperative to act quickly to ensure that the legal regulations in place in the Hague Convention will apply.  Below we address a few considerations when choosing a child kidnapping lawyer in Israel.

How to Choose a Child Kidnapping Lawyer in Israel

Over the years, as we have dealt with hundreds and thousands of clients, we have found that there are six primary questions one should consider when choosing a lawyer.  Doing so helps avoid unnecessary frustration and ensures clarity throughout the process.

  1. Legal specialization — Does your lawyer or the law firm you choose specialize in family law (under which child kidnapping falls)?  
  2. Location — Is the law firm conveniently located, as you will likely have to go to the lawyer’s office on multiple occasions throughout the process?
  3. Comfort — Does your lawyer communicate with you in a way that you are comfortable, for example, providing you with explanations as needed?
  4. Language — Can your lawyer speak to you in a language you are comfortable in?  Israel is a country with immigrants from many places, and some clients prefer that their lawyer speak in their mother tongue.  For example, at our law firm, we have lawyers who speak English, Hebrew, French, Russian, Ukranian and Romanian.
  5. Time — Does your lawyer have the time to take your case, and can they respond to you promptly when you have questions and concerns?
  6. Fees — Is your lawyer clear and upfront about fees?

This Series of Articles

This is one in a series of articles on child abduction/kidnapping in Israel.  We also address the legal procedures around child kidnapping, what steps you can take, an overview of laws and exceptions to the law, and more. 

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