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Child abduction lawyer in Israel

Anat Levi
Anat Levi

This article gives you helpful information on choosing a child abduction lawyer in Israel as well as links to articles on child abduction.

Child abduction lawyer in Israel

Child Abduction from Israel

Often, when people think of child abduction or kidnapping, they often have in mind a stranger who has taken their child.  However, this is not the most common instance of child abduction. Most frequently, children are abducted by a member of their family, for example, one of their parents or legal guardians who has taken them from the country without the consent of the other parent or legal guardian.  

For example, when two parents separate or divorce, one of the parties might have family abroad and want to take the children to live there.  They might even try and take them under the pretense of going for a short vacation, however, once there, they do not return. Removing and retaining children in a foreign country without the consent of those who have custody is child abduction according to the Hague Convention under three conditions: 

  • if the person had custody/visitation rights they implemented prior to the child being taken, 
  • the child was under the age of 16 when taken, 
  • and both the country of residence and the country to which children were taken are signatories to the Convention.

If your child or children have been removed or retained abroad, it is essential to act quickly to ensure your child’s return.  If you wait too long, and then initiate proceedings, your lack of quick legal filing and the fact that your child may have acclimated to the other country can be used by the other parent to argue that you, in effect, seemed to have agreed and that returning the child could cause further harm.  It does not mean that the court will not rule in your favor, but it can weaken your case.

Israel is a signatory to the Hague Convention, which provides stipulations and procedures regarding child abduction cases.

Choosing a Child Abduction Lawyer in Israel

There are six questions that can help you choose the best lawyer for you and your case.

  1. Does your lawyer specialize in family law and child abduction cases? 
  2. Is your lawyer located in a place that is convenient for you, as you will likely be meeting with them multiple times for your case? 
  3. Does your lawyer communicate with you in a way that you are comfortable, providing you with explanations of the process and what to expect? 
  4. If you prefer that your lawyer speak your mother tongue, does your lawyer speak the language of your preference?  In our legal practice, we have found that this is a high priority for some clients, and we have lawyers who speak English, Hebrew, French, Russian, Ukranian and Romanian.
  5. Does your lawyer have time to take on your case, and do they respond to your requests in a timely manner? 
  6. Did your lawyer clearly indicate the fees involved in the process? 

Addressing these questions as you build a lawyer-client relationship can help ensure a smooth process and avoid frustration.

This Series of Articles

This article is part of a longer series on child abduction in Israel.  If you would like to learn more, see our articles on the legal procedure when filing a child abduction case, Israeli laws on child abduction, the paperwork needed, the law and its exceptions, and more. 

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