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Business visa in Romania

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In recent years, more and more Israelis are interested in investing in European countries, especially in Romania. The country is undergoing accelerated economic development and encourages foreign entrepreneurs to invest in it to create an efficient local workforce.

Our Israeli Law Office specializes in immigration to Romania and issuing foreign citizenships. If you are an entrepreneur who is thinking of applying for a business visa to Romania, we have a quick and safe path forward for you.

What is a business visa?

A Romanian business visa is a long-term permit to enter Romania and engage in various types of commercial activities.

Which types of visas are there?

There are several types of visas to Romania that you can use to set up a company or run a business:

  • Visa for the purpose of economic activities – intended for entrepreneurs with certain experience or training who may be eligible under the Romanian Constitution for a PFA (registered individual traders).
  • Visa for the purpose of professional activities – for freelancers who wish to pursue their specialization, but are not registered as registered traders, such as lawyers or doctors.
  • Visa for the purpose of commercial activities – for shareholders of Romanian companies, who have management authorities and plan to invest in Romania.Business visa in Romania

Are there certain conditions for obtaining a business visa to Romania?

In order to obtain the visa for economic activities, you will be required to prove that you are recognized in Romania as a registered sole trader. The registration process can be done on your behalf by an attorney from a foreign country.

For professional activities, you will be required to undergo a practical admission process in Romania by the professional organization. These procedures differ from organization to organization; however, a lawyer can help you with bureaucracy and simplify the procedure for you.

For commercial activities, the procedure is quite complicated – you need to develop a business plan, which should be approved in advance by the Romanian authorities. The minimum investment is 150,000 euros, or creating 25 jobs in Romania for a shareholder.

Who should apply for a business visa?

Entrepreneurs or investors coming from outside the EU can apply to all types of the business visas. In general, this applies to third-world countries.

How do I apply for a business visa?

After you have obtained all the required documents, you can apply for a business visa at the Romanian Embassy or Consulate in Israel, or in any country where you live and work.

The paperwork required includes many documents, the most important of which will be proof that you are indeed interested in carrying out commercial activities in Romania.

How long can I stay in Romania based on the visa in question?

All business visas are long-term. This means that you can stay in Romania for a maximum period of approx. 90 days.

To extend your stay, you must apply for a residence permit in Romania – at least 30 days before the visa expires, meaning in the first 60 days of your legal stay.

Staying longer than the visa permits will result in a fine or possible deportation, subject to how long the overstay is. In some cases, you will be banned from future trips to Romania.

Is a visa different from a residence permit?

Yes, a visa usually gives its holder the right to enter and stay in Romania for a limited period – a maximum term is up to 3 months. If you are interested in living in Romania for a longer period, you will need to apply for a residence permit.

Therefore, the first step is to apply for a visa in your country. If you want to live in Romania, the second step is to apply for a Romanian residence permit at the Immigration Office, after you have arrived in the country.

In both cases, we recommend contacting an attorney who specializes in immigration to ensure that the visa application goes through without any delay or disruption.

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Issuing a business visa in Romania involves a number of preliminary procedures and follow-up steps that require professional and thorough care. If you are an entrepreneur interested in investing in the appealing European country, we will be happy to assist and accompany you in this process.

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