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British citizenship by birth before 1983

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

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British citizenship for Israelis born in England before 1983

How to get British citizenship by birth, if you were born in Britain before 1983? British immigration laws are relatively complex, and the process of obtaining citizenship is complicated. This is the reason why our website’s section on immigration to England has a number of articles detailing various possibilities for immigration and employment in England. According to the British citizenship law, there is a simple and certain way to obtain citizenship, for those who are entitled. This article by Joshua Pex, an attorney at our law office, will explain how to obtain British citizenship for the child of non-UK citizens who was born in England.

Current British citizenship laws:

british citizenship by birth for those born after 1983At present (and since 1983) British citizenship for those born in England is automatic only if one of the parents is a British citizen. This is in contrast to (for example) the United States, where being born on the soil of an American state is enough to qualify the baby for American citizenship. The UK law was formerly similar – citizenship was granted on the basis of birth on British soil. Thatcher’s early 1980’s immigration reform amended British immigration law, but such changes to legislation are generally not retroactive. Therefore, (almost) anyone born in England or in a British colony before January 1st, 1983, is entitled to British citizenship.

Who is not eligible for British citizenship by birth, even if born in England before 1983?

Children of diplomats and enemy citizens are not eligible for citizenship, even if they were born in England. The issue of enemy civilians is not really relevant to Israelis (except for the descendants of citizens of Argentine), but if one or more of your parents was an embassy employee, you may not be automatically eligible for British citizenship by birth. With the exception of diplomats, there are no circumstances of a legal stay in England that prevent a child born there before 1983 from obtaining citizenship. Children of Israelis on national missions, students, expert workers and even tourists are entitled to British citizenship.

How to prove the circumstances of one’s birth?

The applicant for British citizenship by birth has the burden of proof placed upon them.The applicant must bring documents and evidence proving that they were born in England – a birth certificate or a hospital registration. In addition, they must prove that their parents presence in England was legal and known to immigration authorities. Relative to other means of obtaining British citizenship, the burden of proof is relatively light. If the applicant does not have the documents in their possession, an immigration attorney can appeal to British immigration authorities to receive these documents.

Contact our law office in Tel Aviv, or the branch office in Jerusalem that specializes in immigration to England, if you wish to obtain British citizenship or to immigrate to England.

british citizenship by birth

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