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Best Law Firms In Israel


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How to choose the Best Law Firm in Israel

Are you looking for the best law firm in Israel? Israel has the world’s highest ratio of lawyers to population. It would be highly immodest to claim to be the best among them. However, we can decisively proclaim that we give our best for each client and every case. How to choose the best law firm in Israel to represent you? Find out below.

Our law firm specializes in Immigration, visas and legal status in Israel for individuals and international firms. We also assist our clients in issues of inheritance and estate law, labor law, family law, property law, intellectual property, registration of companies and NGO’s and civil disputes. Contact us if you have to seek legal assistance for a legal issues in Israel. Our lawyers speak fluent English and would be glad to hear from you.

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Why do you need a law firm in Israel?

In this article we’ll review some of the reasons why you might require a law firm in Israel. The modern state of Israel was established in 1948, but the British have ruled the area for about 30 years before that, and the Ottoman empire ruled it for hundreds of years before that. The result of this complex history is a legal system which is a mixture of various legal traditions and cultures.

Israeli immigration law

Immigration issues, especially in a country like Israel, can be pretty complicated to navigate. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you have the best law firm in Israel assisting you.

People from across the globe are looking for immigration opportunities to Israel. The process of immigration to Israel for of the Jewish people or the family of Jews is called Aliyah, which is based on the Law of Return in Israel. Another way to receive Israeli citizenship is due to marrying an Israeli citizen or seeking a familial unification. In all these circumstances, you should hire the best law firm in Israel to guide you through the process of obtaining a visa and entering the country.

Aliyah according to the law of return

Aliyah is the immigration process of Jews to the Land of Israel. Known as “the act of going up towards Jerusalem”, or “making Aliyah,” it is considered of the basic tenets prescribed by Zionism. There are many people around the globe who wish to go through this process in accordance with their religious faith. The process can be slightly complicated, especially when you are a novice to the field. Fortunately, there are law firms in Israel who can help you through the immigration process.

The lawyers at these Israeli law firms know the Law of Return 1950 and represent clients who wish to immigrate to the country as per the provisions of the law. Whether it’s you, your direct descendants or family members, these law firms in Israel will represent all. Taking help from the best law firm in Israel will help you change the status from a tourist to a new immigrant in an efficient and quick process.

Read more about the legal procedure to change your status from a tourist in Israel, holding a B-2 tourist visa, to a new immigrant (Oleh) based on making Aliyah according to the law of return, in this article, on our website.

Marriage to an Israeli resident or citizen

Any foreign national who’s not Israeli but gets married to a resident or citizen of Israel or enters into cohabitation (living together) with an Israeli partner becomes eligible to receive legal status in Israel. If the foreign partner resides in Israel, then the request for immigration should be filed in the country. The application must be submitted to the regional bureau of the Population Authority at the Ministry of Interior that’s nearest to the couple’s residence.

If both partners live abroad, then the foreign partner will have to file an immigration request before their arrival to the country at the nearest Israeli Consulate. If the Israeli partner is in Israel, and the foreign partner is abroad, the Israeli partner must obtain prior permission for their foreign partner to enter Israel. This is accomplished by issuing an invitation through the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

First, the non-Israeli spouse is issued a work visa; next, they receive a temporary resident status for several years; and finally a permanent residency status or Israeli citizenship, according to the gradual process for obtaining Israeli citizenship. The procedure will require you to seek assistance from a law firm in Israel that is familiar with the nitty-gritty details of the immigration process.

You can read more information about the process of a marriage visa to Israel for a foreign spouse in this article on our website.

Getting Israeli visas

Getting visas to any country can be challenging. Israel is not an exception. If you wish to enter Israel, Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh are here to help you. CDPB is the best law firm in Israel to guide you through the process of getting an Israeli visa. Generally, you need to apply for any of the following visa types; student visa, volunteer visa, work visa (B/1 visa), tourist visa (B/2 visa), or clergy visa. You can read extensive information about all types of visas to Israel in this article on our website.

Deportation or entry denial

The Department of Border Control employees at the Ben Gurion airport or any other border crossing points into Israel have the right to decide whether to allow or deny a person entry to the country. Their decision, however, must be logical and backed by legal reasoning. The decision can be challenged or appealed in the Administrative Court by an Israeli immigration lawyer. This is when it’s important to choose the best law firm in Israel who has experience in this specific area of practice and can help. You can read more information on what can be done if your entrance to Israel has been refused in this article on our website.

How to choose the best law firm in Israel for your legal problem?

If you need assistance with a legal matter, follow the tips below to choose the best law firm in Israel for your specific issue:

Area of expertise

Israeli lawyers have the privilege to practice in any field they wish to. But most law firms in Israel focus on specific areas and develop special expertise in that field. Some examples of these legal fields are; labor law, criminal law, business law, Israeli immigration law, inheritance law, tax law, real estate law, etc.

Location – where is the law firm located?

Israel may not be a huge country, but if your case is being handled in Tel Aviv, for instance, then it would prove more convenient for you to approach a law firm located in the center of Israel.

Experience – does the lawyer have experience in this specific area of practice?

Before you hire a law firm in Israel, you should know in advance whether the lawyers working in the firm have experience in the area where you need assistance. You can do this by reading the bio of lawyers from the website of the law firm in Israel, checking online, or asking around.


Just like lawyers in other countries, law firms in Israel are legally bound to maintain full confidentiality. You don’t have to sign a separate document specifying legal confidentiality. But, if your case is sensitive, you should express this to the lawyer in advance.

Legal Fees – how much will you need to pay the lawyer?

It is crucial to agree upon the legal fees with the law firm in Israel in advance. You should also outline the payment structure of legal fees, and the various obligations of the lawyer you are working with. Many lawyers and law firms in Israel do not sign a fees agreement – something that may potentially lead to misunderstandings.

Power of Attorney

For a lawyer or a law firm in Israel to be able to legally represent you, they need a power of attorney document signed by you. The document is usually prepared by the lawyer, and you have to sign it in their presence. If you are outside Israel, you have to authenticate the power of attorney by getting the sign of an Apostille or with the Israeli Consulate. Please find more information on the power of attorney in Israel in this article on our website.

Contact our law firm

Hiring the best law firm in Israel to deal with your case can help you find answers to all your queries related to immigration to the country and other legal issues you may face, as well as get the best out of the legal fees you pay for the service. If you are looking for a lawyer in Israel regarding any legal issue you may face, please contact us, tell us about your case and we will try to connect you with a lawyer that can assist you in the best possible way. Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh law office in Israel has had much experience in representing international clients, individuals and corporation, with all matters concerning the Israeli legal system.

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