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Bahrain Expert Worker to Israel


Joshua Pex

This article will discuss what it takes to bring a Bahrain expert worker to Israel. 

What Qualifies as a Bahrain Expert Worker to Israel

Israel, like all sovereign states, seeks to preserve jobs for its citizens, but in the event that specific skills and tasks are required, expert foreign workers are permitted to come and work in Israel on a B/1 visa.  Expert workers can be heads of companies, senior executives, artists, athletes, and medical professionals, among others.  The expert worker must be able to prove their expertise through credentials, certificates, or other forms of proof.  At times, an expert worker, like a professional athlete, will come to Israel for a brief time, and other times, an executive in a company, or another expert, will come to Israel and work for a few years.  

Cost of Bringing an Expert Worker to Israel

In order to discourage Israeli companies from relying on foreign workers, Israeli law requires that local companies pay expert workers twice the average salary in Israel, yielding approximately 18,000 NIS a month.  Additionally, the application and visa fees with the Israeli Ministry of Interior are much higher than other applications and visas, 1,200 and 10,000 NIS respectively.  That said, when companies and organizations desire the expertise of foreign workers, these costs are generally not an obstacle.  

Phases of the Expert Worker Visa Process

There are two phases in the application process for a foreign expert worker visa to Israel.  First, the organization seeking to bring the expert worker must apply for a work permit with the Department of Expert Workers.  Only once this permit is issued, the company may then apply for a visa at the Israeli Ministry of Interior.  The Ministry of Interior does not always issue permits requested by the Department of Expert Workers, therefore, it is important to make a clear and strong case for the need of the expert worker in both the permit and visa applications.  We provide more information on the paperwork needed for these phases and procedures in our article on the B/1 work visa.

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