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Israel Investor Visa for USA citizens

The Israel Investor Visa (B/5 visa) for United States citizens has become a reality (May 1 2019). The Israeli Minister of Interior first published the regulations concerning this new type of visa on 11 September 2014. Non-Jews from the United States now have the option of living and working in Israel if they invest in and own an Israeli business and then move to Israel to operate the business. The B/5 Investor Visa permits the investor and several key workers in the business and their families to work and live in Israel. This investor visa is patterned after a long standing policy in the United States wherein a foreign investor can invest in an American business and move to the US to run the business.

The minimum amount of the investment in order to receive the B/5 Israel Investor Visa is undetermined; however, it must be substantial. In the US this normally is considered to be at least $100,000, but the actual amount required will be determined by the value and/or cost of the business. The investor who is applying for the Investor Visa to Israel must meet the following conditions for the Israel Investor Visa:
1) invest a substantial amount of his own money into a new or existing Israeli business;
2) own at least 50% of the business;
the business must be for-profit;
4) it must be shown that the business will provide income significantly in excess of what is needed for the livelihood of the investor and his family;
5) the business must have a plan to hire Israeli workers.

If approved by a newly formed committee whose members recommend the applicant for the Investor Visa to Israel and the Ministry of Interior that issues the Investor Visa to Israel itself, the US citizen investor will receive a B/5 visa allowing him to work for that business only. The US equivalent grants two-year visas, which are renewable as long as the business continues operating at a profit. The investor’s spouse and children also receive visas, as well as essential workers in the business. The US equivalent allows the spouse to work in an unrelated businesses.

Because this is a brand new visa and policy, there are numerous uncertainties, including what types of business ventures will be approved, what documentation and information will be required, what forms will need to be filled out, how long the process will take and what are the costs for applying for the Israel Investor Visa for USA citizens. For example, in the US, attorney costs plus government fees for the comparable visa range from $5,000-7,000 and take 1-4 months to process. Regardless, the business will need to register with the State of Israel, set up bank accounts, transfer monies into the accounts, lease or purchase property to operate the business, fill out the requisite forms and supply extensive documentation which will prove that the business has the potential to employ Israeli workers and contribute to the Israeli economy. In the US, for the comparable E/2 visa, a file normally includes over 250 pages.

Advocate Jamie Cohen handles the US version of this visa and the E/2 visa for foreign investors. Advocate Joshua Pex handles immigration to Israel and business registration. We will be glad to answer questions and assist you regarding the B/5 Investor Visa to Israel.

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