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The Bulgarian Jewish community

The Bulgarian Jewish Community is known for its colorful mixed heritage. Jews from all corners of Europe joined the Bulgarian community after being expelled from their home countries or exiled after pogroms. When the Spanish expellees arrived in Bulgaria, their ancient Sephardic traditions dramatically reshaped the character of Bulgarian Jewry. Portuguese citizenship for those of…

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The Moroccan Expellee Community and Portuguese Citizenship

The Jewish Moroccan expellees represent Sephardi Jewish authenticity. This community of Jews who originated from Morocco display the most distinct form of the expellee culture. If you are of Jewish-Moroccan descent, you are probably entitled to a Portuguese citizenship! The Moroccan expellee community – the expulsion of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews to Morocco After…

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Traditional Sephardi Garments – Portugal passport

Traditional Sephardi Garments, just like traditional food and the Ladino language are among the cultural characteristics passing over the generations among the descendants of Spanish expellees. These days, those who can prove that their families were expelled from Spain or Portugal are entitled to Portuguese citizenship and passport. Dreaming about a European passport? The law…

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