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Business Immigration to Canada: Ontario Corporate Stream

Do you own a successful business? Are you planning to expand your business internationally? Or do you wish to buy an existing business abroad? If yes, then the Ontario Corporate Stream might be right for you. This program allows business immigration to Canada. What is the Ontario Corporate Stream? The Ontario Corporate Stream was established…

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Ontario Entrepreneur Immigration

Ontario’s immigrant nominee program was modernized and enhanced in 2017 to attract skilled and experienced individuals from around the world to come and contribute to Ontario’s economy. Currently, the province of Ontario is the driving force behind Canada’s economy and immigration program. In an effort to ensure its continued prosperity, the Government of Ontario has…

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Canada student visa

Canada student visa explained What many people call the Canada student visa is actually a Canadian study permit. A study permit is written permission which allows non-Canadians to study in Canada. On it you will find an expiry date and the conditions of your permit. For example, your study permit might include the name of…

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Canadian Immigration Assessment

Canada has over 60 immigration programs. As you can imagine, it would be difficult to go over them all in a standard, one hour consultation meeting. For this reason, we at Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law offices have developed an assessment system designed to better evaluate your eligibility. The affordable Canadian Immigration Assessment Package saves…

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The Canadian work permit

Are you eligible for a Canadian work permit? People often ask about their chances of approval for a Canadian work permit. It’s hard to say one way or another because every case is different. This article explains the most basic eligibility requirements for a Canadian work permit. It will give you a good indication of…

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Canadian visa for athletes

Every year thousands of sporting events and activities are held in Canada. They range from amateur activities to professional games and competitions. As a result, athletes and coaches from all around the world come to Canada in order to participate and compete. At some point, the question of a Canadian visa for athletes will come…

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Canadian immigrant investor

U.S. investor visas vs. Canadian immigrant investor When people think of investment visas, normally it’s the E-2, or EB-5 visa – both offered by the U.S. It’s rare that someone will bring up investor programs offered by Canada, the U.S.’s peaceful neighbor to the north. This is an unfortunate oversight. Canada offers a range of…

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Canada’s Start-up Visa Immigration Program

Immigration to Canada for founders of start up companies In March 2018 the government made Canada’s Start-up Visa program a permanent immigration category. It began as a pilot program but due to high demand and growing interest from entrepreneurs worldwide it has been given permanence. The Start-up Visa program was designed to attract entrepreneurs with…

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