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Austrian Citizenship Cost


Michael Decker

Looking for information on Austrian citizenship cost? The multiple benefits of Austria citizenship is the key reason many wish to get an Austria dual citizenship. However, a key concern relates to the cost of receiving an Austrian passport. This article will provide a detailed review of Austria citizenship requirements and Austria citizenship cost.

Austria citizenship requirements

By descent: One of the ways of getting Austria citizenship is by proving that you a descendant of a Holocaust survivor who faced Nazi persecution in Austria. With Austria easing rules in September 2020 by expanding Austria citizenship criteria to include persecuted Jews, thousands of Jews from across the world are now eligible for Austria dual citizenship.  As per the new law, application for Austrian citizenship is permitted for descendants of female survivors of Holocaust, while previously only descendants of male survivors were eligible..

Austrian Citizenship CostBy investment: Austria citizenship application can also be made by those who can invest in Austria’s economy. Austria allows foreign applicants to apply for citizenship by making a minimum investment of €10 million directly in a business or contributing €3 million to government development fund.

By naturalization: If you have lived in Austria for ten years continuously with a Residence Permit for a minimum period of five years, you can apply for Austria citizenship. There is also a ‘key manager’ program’ that Austria offers where if you get a job in a company in Austria as a manager with monthly salary being at least 2500 EUR, you can apply for a Residence Permit.

Austrian citizenship cost

Austria citizenship cost is one of the top concerns of many who wish to make an Austria citizenship application. Although Austria citizenship cost can vary for each person based on the pathway to citizenship and the other unique factors, here is an overview of costs given on City of Vienna’s website:

There are federal fees as well as provincial administrative fees involved for Austria citizenship application. The rates of provincial administrative fees are different for each province while the federal fees are the same across Austria.

While calculating Austria citizenship cost, you also have to factor in costs of application fees and provision of necessary documents.

The following are the fees that have to paid to the Vienna province:

Austria citizenship cost based on legal claims of citizenship such as by marriage:

  • Single persons need to pay federal fee of EUR 700 in addition to EUR 76 towards provincial administrative fee
  • Married couples will incur federal fee of EUR 1,400 and EUR 152 towards provincial administrative fee

Austria citizenship cost based on citizenship by naturalization

  • Single persons have to pay federal fee of EUR 900 in addition to provincial fee of EUR 150
  • For married couples the federal fee is EUR 1,600 while administrative fees are EUR 226

If you have minor children and wish to extend their Austria citizenship, you will need to pay EUR 200 towards federal fee plus EUR 76 towards provincial administrative fees.

Austria citizenship cost based on citizenship by descent

Citizens who fled Austria due to persecution or their direct descendants can make an application for Austria citizenship by filling an online questionnaire and a declaration form. Although this process is free of charge, it is important to know what documents to submit, how to fill the forms correctly and how the process works.

How to apply for Austrian citizenship

Whether you believe you are a descendant of Jewish ancestors who fled Austria or wish to know more about the Austria citizenship cost, contacting our office is the first step.

At the law offices of Cohen, Decker, Pex and Brosh, our key specialization is in helping people obtain an European passport and specifically Austrian citizenship. We offer comprehensive support right from the moment you contact us for a consultation all the way up to your obtaining an Austrian passport.

Austrian Citizenship Cost

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