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Attorney for an Austrian passport under the new law

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We were very pleased and content with the services of this law firm. They supported us 100% and solved our case successfully, we couldn't be happier.

Following a revolution in the Austrian fundamental law, over 150,000 Israelis now have another way to obtain a European passport. Austria is a full member of the European Union and, among other things, is one of the most developed countries in the world. Accordingly, its citizens can enter a large number of countries to which Israelis are not permitted entrance without a visa, such as the United States, Australia, Qatar, etc.

Our legal offices for emigration to Austria, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, are in daily contact with the Austrian authorities responsible for sorting and transferring files. Our attorney for Austrian passport experts have accrued years of experience and know how to classify eligibility rapidly and effectively. What is more, the office has a notary department with expertise in German law which can translate the required documents into German.

Attorney for Austrian passport

Attorney for an Austrian passport under the new law

The significant expansions of the immigration law, recently passed by the Austrian parliament, now recognize more people as eligible – in fact, an untold number are now eligible for citizenship due to the new criteria. We will start by noting that in the past, descendants of Holocaust survivors who suffered in Austria during the Nazi persecution were not permitted to apply for citizenship.

Now, however, they can apply even without any need to renounce their current citizenship. In addition, the Austrian parliament did not legislate any standard or criterion regarding descendants. Therefore, anyone who is a direct descendant of someone who suffered persecution in Austria between 1933 and 1955 can submit a declaration (except for those with criminal records who were convicted of serious crimes which are unacceptable under the Austrian citizenship law). The reason is that Austrian citizenship, under the law, is transmitted from parent to child via blood ties. However, adopted children are also included under this law.

Until the new amendment takes effect, only those who suffered Nazi persecution (specifically by the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, NSDAP) can obtain citizenship. However, the present law covers anyone who was persecuted due to antisemitism, or in fact for racist reasons.

Because of the antisemitism shown by the Austrians over the years, many Jews were prevented from obtaining Austrian citizenship in a natural way. A high percentage of Jews resided in the country during the 1920s and 1930s as permanent residents. They suffered long years of discrimination and the lawmakers did not recognize them as eligible to obtain citizenship. Today, this embarrassing situation has changed and these Jews are also legally eligible to become citizens, together with their descendants.

Women are equal too under the new law

The gender problems that up to now have prevented a significant number of female Holocaust survivors and their descendants from obtaining citizenship are now essentially solved; this instruction is apparently the crown jewel of the whole reform. This is unlike many European countries, in which women even today suffer from a social gap perpetuated by the authorities, as do the female descendants of female citizens. The Austrians are exceptional in that they have removed such barriers, and women are now, like men, eligible to fully enjoy the privileges offered.

Extending the deadline for determining eligibility

Until recently, Austrian law recognized only those who left the country before 1945 – the year in which World War II ended. From now on, the law will also include those who left from within the Austrian borders up to 1955 (these were mainly refugees, people who were ill, and others who could not leave Austria immediately at the end of the war). In addition, the law relates to those who were citizens of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This includes some 200,000 Eastern European Jews who lived in the country, mostly until the early 1930s.

Attorney for Austrian citizenship – attorney for an Austrian passport under the new law

Our office deals with obtaining European citizenships on the basis of genealogical roots. Our office has a German-speaking department which specializes in obtaining Austrian citizenship. In addition, the staff also handles applications for German citizenship. In order to work with the Austrian authorities, one must have expertise in the stages and processes involved. The Austrian authorities are strict about documents, demonstrating the family tie, and the other details required. It is advisable to go through the process with the assistance of an experienced professional.

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At Decker, Pex, Levi, Rosenberg & Co. you will find an attorney for obtaining an Austrian passport under the new law. If you are not sure of your eligibility, it is possible and even recommended to contact us and we will answer your questions on this issue. Despite the many regulations, the new law is generally considered to be simpler than the old one, and thus more understandable.

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