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Arnona Lawyer in Israel


Michael Decker

If you are looking for an arnona lawyer in Israel, then you’ve come to the right place!  

Arnona Lawyer in Israel

Our Specialization in Arnona Law

At Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law offices, we have a variety of legal specializations, including administrative and property law, under which arnona issues often fall.  Several of our legal partners have extensive experience assisting private and corporate clients with issues related to arnona.  Our offices are conveniently located in both Jerusalem and close to Tel Aviv.

How to Choose an Arnona Lawyer

Did you know that Israel has one of the highest rates of lawyers per capita?  As a result of this, we know it can be difficult to find the right person for you.  To help we have written a short article addressing how to choose the best lawyer for you.  It has a number of tips and criteria that may be helpful to you as you decide who can best assist you with your arnona case.

Arnona Issues We Address

We address all legal issues related to arnona, and we have written a series of arnona articles for the benefit of our clients.  We address numerous issues in our articles, some of which may be of relevance to you.  For example, we discuss “Types of Property Taxes,” “What Is Arnona,” “Who Has to Pay Arnona,” “Subletters and Arnona,” “When to Pay Arnona,” “How to Get an Arnona Exemption,” “Submitting an Objection (or Appeal) on Arnona Taxes,” “Who Gets Arnona Discounts,” and more.

Contact Us

If you need an arnona lawyer in Israel, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We believe in providing quick, professional legal services at reasonable costs.

Advocate Michael Decker specializes in assisting numerous private and corporate clients with their arnona-related issues, and he would be happy to discuss this with you.

Arnona Lawyer in Israel

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