Advocate Tal Ofir

Tal ofir


Adv. Tal Ofir is a partner and manager of the Tel Aviv branch in our firm.

Adv. Ofir has extensive experience in arranging legal status for foreign citizens in Israel in a wide variety of circumstances. Together with the Tel Aviv Immigration Team, Adv. Ofir accompanies the firm’s clients in submitting applications to the Ministry of the Interior and the various courts in order to fight for the right to obtain legal status in Israel.

Adv. Ofir also manages our department for for foreign citizenship acquisition (Portuguese, Austrian, Romanian, Bulgarian citizenship and more).

Adv. Ofir is also a partner our intellectual property law office.

Adv. Ofir holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) degree from the Interdisciplinary Center with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. During his bachelor’s degree at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, he focused on international law as well as human and minority rights.

Adv. Ofir volunteered at the Center for Refugees and Immigrants and at the Association for Civil Rights.

Adv. Ofir is a graduate student in general history at Tel Aviv University.