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Advantages of a German passport

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Germany has recently changed their internal policy by broadening the eligibility criteria for anyone who can prove a direct ties to a Holocaust survivor, or to someone who resided in Germany as a permanent resident during the Nazi party’s rise to power. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Israelis can now acquire the prestigious German passport and enjoy rare benefits reserved for citizens of Germany. What are the benefits and why is it so worthwhile to get this passport?

The law offices for obtaining German citizenship, Decker, Pex, Ofir & Co., specialize in everything concerning the new German law, legislated in accordance with reforms that apply to descendants of victims of Nazi persecution. At the two branches of our office, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, our experts assist many clients to learn their rights and the process of naturalization.

Advantages of a German passport

Advantages of a German passport

For the past two years, comprehensive changes in Germany’s constitution have been leading to a significant simplification of the criteria for obtaining German citizenship. The new law relates to Jews or the descendants of those who were persecuted because of their ethnic origin between the years 1933-1945. In addition, the law relates in more detail to those who lost their German citizenship or resided in Germany between the years in question. Today, anyone who can prove that his or her ancestors were persecuted during those years is eligible for a German passport.

Why Germany in particular?

Germany has the largest economy in Europe and for years has been a leader in promoting its citizens’ interests.

What does this involve? Let’s start off by noting that for years now, the country has been granting living subsidies, upgraded social services, respectable pensions, improved medical services, national insurance as needed, convenient subsidies for students, and low taxation for investors.

These are a few of the most obvious arguments for the worth of a German passport and its significant advantages. As the passport rated first among all European countries, from the moment you acquire it, you will be able to enter more than 180 countries on every possible continent, without the need to obtain a visa. This is a privilege that Israelis are not used to. What is more, you can fly to the US, Australia, etc., freely and without an entrance visa.

Young German citizens can enjoy a “Working Holiday Visa” of about a year in developed and attractive countries around the world, countries such as New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and more.

Other benefits of obtaining German citizenship

  • You can work in any European Union country – rich, developed countries such as France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, etc.
  • You can live for an unlimited period of time in West European countries and some countries in the eastern part of the continent.
  • You can receive a significant subsidy for studies, and sometimes a full subsidy, in world-renowned universities. This is without the need to apply for a residence permit.
  • You can vote and become involved in German politics.
  • You can pass on the citizenship to your descendants.
  • You can move freely from one country to another within Europe, without delaying procedures at airports or on roads.
  • You can practice the professions you have dreamed of, with no barrier.
  • Consular protection if you get stuck during a journey.
  • Opening a business with tax help from the authorities for new entrepreneurs.
  • The high German standards and resulting quality of life are unlike any other country.

Advantages of a German passport – Benefits of German citizenship

Our offices have 30 years’ experience in arranging European citizenships. Our staff includes German speakers who work around the clock due to the great demand. At the same time, the office employs several genealogical researchers with high-level American certification who have worked for more than 20 years in uncovering the traces of European Jews, particularly Holocaust survivors.

Advantages of a German passport



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