Lawyer in Israel - Jam ן e Cohen

Attorney Jamie Cohen

Member of the Immigration Lawyer Association and worked for over 20 years in the area of ​​immigration to the United States.

Since 2012 member of the Israel Bar Association as an American lawyer.

Graduated from Penn State University with a BA in History in 1974.

Law degree and law degree from Jamie Cohen in 1977, graduated from the Catholic University of Washington DC (Catholic University Law School).

Master of Arts (MA) from the Joseph Rabinowitz Institute for Theology in Jewish Studies.

After graduating, lawyer Jamie Cohen became a member of the United States House of Commerce's Trade Committee. There he participated in the enactment of a law to improve communication with the Navy. In 1978 he joined the Senate Subcommittee as a legal advisor and personal legal advisor to the Senator. During the committee, lawyer Jamie Cohen conducted investigations, hearings, and a health and pension law. This major law reformed the US government's pension system. It became the largest pension system in the country.

In 1986, attorney Cohen, along with other people involved in legislative work, founded Government and Pension Benefits Company Ltd. to advise US government employees on how to implement their pension rights. Lawyer Jamie Cohen was a popular speaker in the United States and wrote many articles on the subject.

In the 1980s, lawyer Jamie Cohen founded a law firm in Maryland that provided legal advice in the areas of business law, family law, criminal law and bankruptcy law.

In the 1990s, lawyer Jamie Cohen moved to Richmond, Virginia, where he opened a law firm that dealt with immigration to the United States. Given the increasing number of immigrants to the United States, lawyer Jamie Cohen devoted himself to providing support and advice. Since then he has successfully processed hundreds of immigration cases, including family immigration, naturalizations, asylum seekers, visitor visas, religious visas, work visas and business visas.

In addition to providing legal advice to immigrants, lawyer Cohen played a central role in their search for work, English lessons, food and also supported the process of naturalization.

Attorney Jamie Cohen's specialties are; Immigration to the USA; Obtaining temporary visas for the USA; Advice in all areas related to the government or activities of the United States Congress; Contracts; Agreements, registration, and legal advice for nonprofits in the United States.