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Translation of Citizenship Certificate

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

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I highly recommend this firm, especially Oded Ger.

Over recent years, many Israelis have sought assistance from our law office in immigrating abroad, relocation or obtaining foreign citizenship. To immigrate from Israel or to work in a foreign country, it is generally necessary to first prove that you hold Israeli citizenship. One must present a translation of a certificate of Israeli citizenship or a foreign citizenship certificate as part of the immigration request or the process of obtaining citizenship in any other country.

Translation of Citizenship Certificate

Receiving citizenship in a foreign country

To submit a request for citizenship, one must present the following documents (for the purpose of illustration, in this article we will refer to a request for Portuguese citizenship, with the documents needing to be translated into the Portuguese language):

– Documents that prove the person’s affinity to Portugal (a family living in Portugal, descendants of Jewish exiles from Spain, workplace, academic studies, investment in real estate, adoption, and more).

–  Translation of birth certificate() to Portuguese.

– Police certificate demonstrating lack of criminal record

– Copy of Passport

This list is not exhaustive, and it is possible that the submitter of the request will be required by the authorities of the destination country to present further documents. This will depend on the circumstances of the matter and the reason behind the request for citizenship.

The procedure for receiving citizenship differs from one country to another. Any country can require different documents. It all depends on the conditions for obtaining citizenship written in the country’s laws or constitution. Based on the citizenship laws of most of the European Union member states, anyone that was born in, or one of their parents was born in the territory of the state, is eligible to receive European citizenship. When the United Kingdom was a member of the European Union, it was not one of those countries.

Translation of citizenship certificate as part of the process of receiving Israeli citizenship

Israeli citizenship is granted to Jews or to descendants of Jews in accordance with the Law of Return. Besides this, there are two further laws besides the Law of Return that are also relevant to the process of obtaining Israeli citizenship: The Law of Entry to Israel and the Citizenship Law.

Besides obtaining citizenship through the Law of Return, Israeli citizenship can be granted by virtue of birth, by virtue of naturalization by a permanent resident, by virtue of naturalization after marriage (), in accordance with article 7 of the citizenship law, by virtue of being granted by the Minister of Interior to a foreign citizen with a special contribution to the State of Israel, and more. All of these must be done in accordance with the Ministry of Interior’s protocols, based on the identity of the person submitting the request and the reasons for the submission of the request.

Our Law Firm

Our law firm has expertise in granting notary services with a notarized translator statement for legal documents and certificates. We provide this service in many languages through a professional team that specializes in the process of translation of documents and certificates, doing so with utmost precision and professionalism.

Please do not hesitate to contact our law firm and utilize our professional staff to help you complete the notary process.

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