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Translation of a Marital Status Certificate

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

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A marital status certificate is a certificate that attests to the personal / marital status of the certificate holder. In Israel, a formal personal status may be one of the following four states: never married, married, divorced, or widowed. However, there are also other types of marital status that are not formally recognized in Israel: “Get” refused (being refused a Jewish divorce), single parent, single parent by choice, and more. In Israel, the marital status of each citizen is recorded in the Population Registry. Translation of a citizen’s marital status certificate is required for the purpose of recognizing marriage / divorce / children that result from a marriage (unless a paternity test is required), and more.

Translation of a marital status certificate

A Change in Marital Status

Translation of a marital status certificate is required in many cases, including:

Emigration abroad: Many foreign countries require, as part of the immigration process, to submit documents proving the emigrant’s personal status. Whether the immigration is for family unification, work, or academic studies – it is often necessary to present a certificate and / or translated document indicating the marital status.

Marriage abroad: In order for a couple to complete their marriage procedure abroad, and to prove their marital status before conducting the marriage ceremony, they must present to the relevant institutions (whether it is the municipality of the city where the marriage is being conducted or any other institution, as is customary in the foreign country) a personal status certificate translated into the language of the foreign country.

A marital status certificate which includes basic information about the personal status of the certificate holder must be translated in a way that accurately conveys the contents of the original document, since said status is a critical factor in many situations. For example, if a citizen has never married or is divorced, and intends to get married and register his marriage in Israel, a small mistake in the translation may disrupt the entire marriage procedure, while a professional and accurate translation may prevent such a situation. It is therefore advisable to contact a notary public who specializes in notarial translation of personal certificates and can ensure that the translation is accurate and adheres to current acceptable usage of the target language.

Arranging the status of a foreign spouse: To arrange the status of a foreign spouse (in the process of arranging a common-law marriage or family reunification), various documents must be presented to the Ministry of Interior. One important document is a certificate and / or document attesting to the foreign spouse’s personal status, which is needed in order to prove that the connection between them and the Israeli spouse is valid, and must be translated before submitting it to the Ministry of Interior.

Extension of a European or Israeli passport: When submitting an application to extend the validity of a passport, a translated personal status certificate must be presented.

Translation of a Marital Status Certificate by Demand of the Interior Ministry

Our law firm has extensive experience in arranging the legal status of formally and informally married spouses. Inter alia, we present an expert opinion in cases where the foreign spouse cannot obtain a general personal status certificate / No Record of a Marriage certificate from his country of origin. This may occur in countries such as Ukraine, whose legal infrastructure does not enable issuing a No Record of Marriage certificate – but Israeli Interior Ministry officials still demand this certificate from citizens of these countries.

Translation of a Marital Status Certificate

Our law firm specializes in translating many and varied types of certificates and documents, and we can translate marital status certificates into any required language. Contact our office to receive a quote for translating your certificate and to receive an apostille stamp (if the certificate is to be presented abroad).

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