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Important tips when applying for Bulgarian citizenship

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In 2007, Bulgaria officially became a member state of the European Union. Joining the EU immediately afforded Bulgarian citizens with many exclusive benefits which they had not enjoyed previously. Among these benefits; the right to live in any EU state and the ability to work, study in leading European academic institutions with tuition partially or fully subsidized, purchase real estate, open a business, and more.

Our law offices expert in emigration to Bulgaria, can assist you in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. Our office includes attorneys with expertise in Bulgarian law and the various legal procedures involved in obtaining citizenship. This article will present important tips when applying for Bulgarian citizenship, which can save you a lot of headache during the process.

Things you should know when applying for Bulgarian citizenship

Tips for Bulgarian citizenshipThere is no need to know Bulgarian – You are not required to demonstrate prior knowledge in the Bulgarian language during the interview at the Bulgarian embassy. The interview can also be conducted in English; and if you do not speak English fluently, you are allowed to bring an interpreter.

There is also an option to conduct the interview in Hebrew. You just need to know that the waiting time for an interview in Hebrew is longer than normal.

Proof of residence for reinstating prior citizenship – If you have lost Bulgarian citizenship which was previously in your possession (and did not immigrate to Israel during the 1948-1950 big wave of immigration), you will be asked to prove that you lived in Bulgaria continuously for at least 3 years and were eligible for citizenship, or were a citizen, and that you never gave up your Bulgarian citizenship. If you meet these criteria, you will be able to apply for reinstated citizenship.

Printing the documents in Hebrew – The documents must all be in one language, to the extent possible, and documents in all languages must be translated to Bulgarian. Thus, if a document contains more than one language, this will increase the translation cost. It is preferable to have all the documents in one language – Hebrew or English.

Obtaining the required documents and the rapid submission method – The official documents that you are required to submit, such as a summary of registration, a health certificate, a certification of name change, and a certificate of good conduct, must be submitted within six months of their issuance. You must show these documents to the Bulgarian consul during the interview at the embassy. Therefore, it is important to complete the process of obtaining the documents as rapidly as possible. Note that the documents must be submitted to Bulgaria to have them translated in preparation for the interview.

Naturalization for a child of a Bulgarian parent – The naturalization process for a child is accelerated, taking up to six months.

Unifying documents to save money – If you want to save money on issuing documents, you can unify the following documents; summary of registration and certification of name change. In this case, you need only obtain one apostille stamp. This will also save you money on the legal translation in Bulgaria.

Important tips when applying for Bulgarian citizenship – attorney for Bulgarian passport

Contact us you are considering applying for Bulgarian citizenship but are not convinced that you meet the various requirements. An attorney from our offices will be happy to explain the criteria and the required documents for the process.

Tips for Bulgarian citizenship



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