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How to Get a Second UK Passport

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A second UK passport is when an individual has two separate British passports simultaneously and can use both of them at that same time. This is different from dual citizenship and is also known as “concurrent passports”. The passports will have individual passport numbers and will be deemed completely separate from one another, including a separate 10-year validity for each.

You may require a second United Kingdom passport for a variety of reasons. Some visas can take up to 30 working days to process, and some nations won’t let you in if you’ve visited an “incompatible enemy country” , so you wouldn’t want that stamp in your passport.

Because the UK government isn’t interested in advertising this feature  — there’s very little information about how to acquire a second passport on – here’s an all-you-need-to-know guide about how to get a second British passport.

How to Get a Second UK Passport

Who is eligible for a second passport?

You may be eligible to get a second British passport if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You’re a frequent traveler who has to mail one passport for visa applications while simultaneously traveling with another passport.
  • You don’t have any more pages left in your first passport, but you need to maintain it since it has current visas that you’ll need for pre-planned journeys.
  • Your passport contains stamps from enemy countries. For example, your passport has a stamp from Syria and you need to travel to Saudi or you have an Israeli stamp in your book and you need to travel to Lebanon or Iran. These countries are hostile to each other and will not allow you to enter if you have an opposing country’s stamp. In this case, you can apply for a second passport on the grounds of “Incompatible countries”.
  • Your profession requires you to be on the move constantly. For example, you are a flight attendant, pilot, or oil-rig worker.

Now that you know whether you’re eligible or not, you must be wondering “how do I get a second passport UK”. Read the following steps to understand how to apply and the next steps after filling out your application.

How to apply for a second British passport?

Getting second British passport is a simple process but your application may still take a long time to be processed. It’s similar to applying for a passport for the first time and you must fill out the application in the same way, but ensure to request that your original passport not be canceled.

You may also have to provide a letter from your employer stating the reason for requesting a second passport such as travel to incompatible countries or frequent international travel for business that requires you to hold multiple active visas at once. Ensure that your employer states the countries you need to travel to if you state incompatible countries as the reason for getting a second UK passport. Please note that getting a second passport UK is only allowed for business-related travel and not for leisure travel.

It’s also important to contact Her Majesty’s Passport Office beforehand to clarify any doubts you may have if you are not sure of the application process. It may also help to enlist a professional company to complete the process faster since the form can be a little complicated to fill.

Can I apply for a second passport online?

Are you wondering how to get a second passport UK online? You can do it by applying online at the website just as you would for your first passport.

Select “Your first British passport” in Section 1 of the form even if it’s your second passport. Then in Section 8 related to “More Information”, you must mention that you are applying for a second passport for business reasons. If you’re applying for a replacement of your first or second passport, select the “Replacement” option in Section 1.

Keep your first passport handy while applying for your second as you will need to fill in the passport number under the “Other Passports” section of the form.

In addition to applying online, you can also fill out an application form and send it in via post to Her Majesty’s Passport Office.

What happens next?

Now that you have filled your application, whether it is online or in-person, your next step is making the payment. You must include the correct fees with your application which may vary from country to country. You can pay in cash, via a cheque, or by a debit/credit card by entering your card details at the back of the form.

Once you have made the payment and submitted the application, all you have to do is wait to hear back from the passport office about getting a second passport UK.

You can track your application status online and your supporting documents will be returned to you via post, free of charge. If your application was successful, your second British passport will follow shortly after you receive your documents!

How to Get a Second UK Passport

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