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Aliyah Israel Requirements

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

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This article, “Aliyah Israel Requirements,” will address the main things you need to know if you seek to make aliyah or immigrate to Israel.

Aliyah Israel Requirements – Documents

According to Israel’s Law of Return, any Jew, or the child of a Jewish parent or grandparent is eligible to make aliyah. However, the law is not specific about how one should demonstrate their “Jewishness” or Jewish heritage. The Israeli Ministry of Interior requires proof of one’s Jewish heritage through both religious and civil documents. 

Aliyah Israel requirementsOne of a variety of religious documents will suffice, although the more you have, the better. These documents can include a Jewish marriage certificate (ketubah), bar or bat mitzvah certificate, parents’ or grandparents’ proof of burial in a Jewish cemetery, membership in a synagogue, and more. Additionally, one of the mandatory documents is a letter from a rabbi indicating that they know you or your family and can verify your Jewishness. 

The civil documents must prove you are who you say you are. This includes a passport, birth certificate, and any other documentation indicating your connection to a Jewish parent or grandparent. It can help to have a parent’s or grandparent’s birth certificate as well. Another civil document required is a certification that you do not have a criminal background. This document can be obtained from the police department in your state or town of residence. For exceptions to this, or aliyah after having a criminal record, see our article on the topic. 

The documents can be duplicates of the original documents, particularly for parents grandparents’ documents. However, they must be authenticated by an apostille. This is similar to a notary public, but an internationally recognized one. The documents can be submitted at an Israeli Embassy or Consulate closest to you. 

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